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Latest Vegetable Cooking Oil Prices April 2016

Latest vegetable cooking oil prices for April 2016

These are the latest new vegetable oil prices for April 2016, Chefs Larder Vegetable Oil 20 litres 14.99, Consumers Pride Rapeseed Cooking Vegetable Oil 20 litres 15.55, KTC Vegetable Cooking Oil 20 litres 12.49, Prep ZT Long Life Vegetable Oil 15 litres 15.99.

Biodiesel Processor Feedstock

Vegetable Oil

There are many variation names for waste vegetable oil which are as follows

PPO - pure plant oil, WVO - waste vegetable oil, SVO - straight vegetable oil, UVO - used vegetable oil.

To make biodiesel with a home kit biodiesel processor it would be beneficial to get your feedstock (waste vegetable oil).

At this price you would be expecting the waste vegetable oil to have gone through the vigorous process clean up.

Waste vegetable oil has to go through the Correct Heating, Filtration and clean up procedure which takes a lot of time and use of specialised equipment which includes some of the following - 1 month settling period, Numerous heating and circulation procedures, Pre filtration procedures & the oil must not contain any moisture.

Remember poor grade waste vegetable oil that contains animal fat, food and moisture will result in poor biodiesel production damaging your vehicles engine which will result in major out of your pocket expenses.

Here is a list of the more common feedstock that can be used to make biodiesel with: Waste vegetable oil (WVO), Soybean oil, Jatropha oil, sunflower oil, Animal fat, Chinese tallow, Coconut oil, Rapeseed oil, Linseed oil, Palm seed oil, Canola oil, Algae oil. The list goes on and on...


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Waste Vegetable Oil

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