The official Website for the free collection of Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) and animal fats within some parts of The United Kingdom (UK) and council areas. We purely specialise in waste cooking oil and fat collections and licensed with the Environment Agency. Also Producers MUST sign and receive a (Controlled Waste Transfer Collection Invoice), we will help with this.

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Getting rid of left over vegetable oils and animal fats can be a hassle. Which is why we do it all for you, without charging you anything. The packaging that is collected such as cardboard, aluminium tins and plastic containers will be recycled helping the environment and reducing rubbish sent to landfill sites. This also helps conserve raw materials protecting natural habitats for the future helping to tackle climate change.

We collect from Casinos, Garden Centres, Pubs, Night Clubs, Sports Centres, Bars, Golf Clubs, Hospitals, Schools, Theatres, Racecourses, Rugby Clubs, Football Clubs, Theme Parks, Zoos, Large Restaurants, Care Homes and Hotels to smaller catering businesses such as Cafes, Takeaways, Fisheries, Functions, Fish and Chip Shops. Minimum collections are of 20 to 60 litres depending on the area you are situated. We can collect Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) in your old containers that you buy it in or we can leave you one of our small blue barrels. We collect free of charge on a regular basis from your doorstep weekly or on a monthly basis.

The Government strongly supports the recovery of waste vegetable, rapeseed cooking oil and animal fats for such purposes as it underpins its strategies in both reducing dependency upon landfill sites as a means of waste disposal and reducing the use of fossil fuels for energy generation.

Guidance issued jointly by the Food Standards Agency, Cabinet Office, Environment Agency, Defra, HM Revenue and Customs and LACORS, advises that if you produce waste vegetable rapeseed cooking oil and animal fats as part of your catering business, (for example as a chip shop or other takeaway outlet or restaurant), then you must ensure that it is stored properly, that non is allowed to spill and that it is collected by an authorised collector who will take your waste to an authorised site for recovery or disposal. In most cases waste vegetable oil is used as a source for biodiesel.

Waste vegetable cooking oil and fats must not be poured down the drains or sewers because of this inevitably leads to blockages and odour or vermin problems and may also pollute watercourses leading to problems for wildlife nor should animal fats be dumped causing further environmental problems. Such action could also result in potential prosecution. Nor should waste vegetable oil be disposed of with the rest of the catering or kitchen waste because it may cause spillages leading to odour or pollution problems or waste contractors may refuse to remove it.

Collections are arranged at mutually convenient times and you are provided with all the appropriate paper work to satisfy Food Hygiene Inspections and the Environment Agency.

Last updated - 04/09/2022

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