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Latest Vegetable Cooking Oil Prices April 2016

Latest vegetable cooking oil prices for April 2016

These are the latest new vegetable oil prices for April 2016, Chefs Larder Vegetable Oil 20 litres 14.99, Consumers Pride Rapeseed Cooking Vegetable Oil 20 litres 15.55, KTC Vegetable Cooking Oil 20 litres 12.49, Prep ZT Long Life Vegetable Oil 15 litres 15.99.

Uptown Oils


Contact Anthony for Oil deliveries and used oil collections within The United Kingdom (UK) on 020 7928 6300 or by Email at anthony@uptownoil.co.uk

Uptown provides high quality biodiesel for power generation, transport and heating.

We deliver fresh vegetable oil direct to you

We collect used cooking oil and provide waste transfer notes

We convert the used oil into environmentally friendly biodiesel.

Uptown is Central Londons only licensed biodiesel manufacturer - taking positive action to reduce the citys CO2 and smoke emissions.

Uptowns superior quality biodiesel is suitable for use in generators, boilers and all diesel vehicles - (you should check your manufacturers warrantee for details)

Since 2007, our clean renewable fuel has helped London save over Ten Thousand tons of CO2, as well as significantly reducing the amount of diesel smoke in the air we breathe.

Safe Biodiesel - Uptown is licensed and registered for biodiesel manufacture and sales. We take great pride in our certifications and compliance with the law. If you buy recycled biodiesel from another producer, be sure they have the following mandatory certifications. In this way you protect yourself, your vehicle, the environment and the legitimate recycled biodiesel producers.

Your biodiesel producer should have the following accreditations as a minimum:

An HMRC Producers License - to legally make and sell biodiesel

Uptown Biodiesel - Fuel Producer No. FP2174/10

An Environment Agency Permit (called an IPPC) - to make biodiesel in an environmentally safe way

Uptown Biodiesel - IPPC No. EPR/ZP3233HS

A Waste Carrier License - To legally collect and transport used cooking oil

Uptown Biodiesel - WCL No. CB/JE5038WF

Warranty Issues and our Terms of Use - If your vehicle is less than 4 years old, there is a good chance it is still in its warranty period. If you choose to use biodiesel and subsequently you have a warranty issue, and your garage establishes that you are using biodiesel, there is a fair chance your warranty will not be honoured. Your use of our fuel is at your discretion and therefore by using our fuel, you agree that you waive any and all such claims against Uptown Biodiesel or its employees, volunteers or helpers for any matters that arise following its use. Our commitment to our customers is that we will take all reasonable care and consideration possible in the manufacture of our fuel.

For more details of cooking oil collections, visit www.uptownoil.co.uk


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