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Latest Vegetable Cooking Oil Prices April 2016

Latest vegetable cooking oil prices for April 2016

These are the latest new vegetable oil prices for April 2016, Chefs Larder Vegetable Oil 20 litres 14.99, Consumers Pride Rapeseed Cooking Vegetable Oil 20 litres 15.55, KTC Vegetable Cooking Oil 20 litres 12.49, Prep ZT Long Life Vegetable Oil 15 litres 15.99.

What is controlled waste?

Waste Carriers Licence

Strict laws apply to anyone who carries, transport and disposes of controlled waste. This waste includes scrap metal, trees, bushes, all types of garden waste, rubble, tarmac, plastic windows, paving soil, roof tiles and anything else that is no longer wanted by the person who produced the waste or originally owned it.

If you clear gardens or land, or your job involves removing waste and rubbish as part of your normal routine, the waste you carry is commonly known as controlled waste.

You are legally required to have a waste carriers license, if you carry (transport) and tip (dispose of) waste, including taking scrap metal to the scrap yard. If you work for someone else and you carry waste for them, they must have the carriers license.

Waste carriers licence from the Environment Agency, they last for 3 years and can be obtained from Phoenix House in Beeston, Leeds 11. You will receive help to fill in the simple form to register as a waste carrier.

If you do not have a license and you carry rubbish/waste, it is likely you will be prosecuted and could even lose your vehicle depending on what you are carrying. Telephone the Agency on 0800 80 70 60 and get a license now.

If you get caught fly tipping or illegally dumping waste, including at household waste sites or illegal tips, you will be prosecuted, can be arrested and your vehicle can be seized and crushed or sold.

The maximum fine is fifty thousand pounds and up to 5 years in prison for illegal depositing controlled waste.

Tipping Notes (Receipts) and Legal Tips:

Once you have your Waste Carriers License, make sure you always ask for a tipping note (receipt) when you take your waste to the tip. You must ask for tipping notes and keep them for at least two years. You must only ever use a licensed tip to get rid of your waste. You must pay for all controlled waste that you take the tip. The only type of rubbish you can tip free of charge is from your own home and is called household waste. The council collect this for you each week. The council also have a bulky waste collection scheme to collect larger items from you free of charge.

Recent stop and search exercises by the enforcement teams and the police in Leeds identified waste carriers who had the correct waste carriers licenses but did not have proof of waste disposal (tipping notes / receipts in their name or identifying them by their vehicle). These people are still committing offences and have since been prosecuted.

If you have a tipper or a flat back type vehicle and you are stopped with waste (including green and scrap) on the back, and you do not have any of this documentation, you will find it hard to prove to the enforcement team that you legally dispose of your waste.

You are required by law to prove you tip your waste legally by having the correct license, paying for its disposal and by keeping your tipping notes or receipts. You can even get a receipt when you take your scrap to the scrap yard.

Another type of waste which is monitored more closely is hazardous waste which includes fridges and freezers, fluorescent tubes, chemicals, asbestos, computer screens, televisions and various other items that can be harmful to human health if not properly disposed of. You must have a special license to carry this type of waste and documents with every load. Speak to the Environment Agency for more information on hazardous and special waste.


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